CHQ - When We Go Back to Washington Next Year, There’s Going to be a Lot of Harleys

'If We Do Nothing'

American Spectator (Robert Stacy McCain)  - "Rhonda Lee Welsch has a vision. 'When we go back to Washington next year, there's going be a lot of Harleys,' the Florida activist said. 'And those Harleys make a lot of noise.'

Like many others now suddenly active in the conservative grassroots, Rhonda Lee Welsch is a newcomer to politics. A divorced mom who has spent most of her working career in the construction and hospitality industries, she's been an eyewitness to the devastation wrought by the recent economic collapse. Florida's unemployment rate is at 11.2 percent, but that official statistic may understate the severity of the downturn.

'Everything's come to a screeching halt,' Welsch says of construction work for small contractors in coastal Volusia County, where she lives. With business slow, she began paying more attention to politics, and soon found herself actively involved in the Tea Party movement. A breakthrough moment, she says, was when she joined the 9/12 March on D.C. and attended a seminar on organizing led by veteran conservative fundraiser Richard Viguerie." 

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USA EPA on Stage in Copenhagen Today

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"Where in our Constitution does it allow the Executive Branch to ignore our other elected representatives in the deliberative branches and just do what he, or some bureaucrat, pleases as far as domestic policy? It doesn't. We may as well have a dictatorship at this point. It's outrageous."

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