Governor Tim Pawlenty Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, December 16, the New Hampshire Senate Republicans will host Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at a Concord fundraiser designed to raise money to help elect Republicans to the Senate. Governor Pawlenty has an impressive resume and is considering running for the 2012 Republican Nomination for President.

Why is this event important and why should you donate to this effort?

In the past two sessions of the Legislature, Democrats have increased overall state spending by over $2 billion or nearly 23%. In order to pay for this spending blitz, Democrats have raised in the last budget alone 38 fees or taxes -- including tax hikes on businesses, tourism, camping, and car registrations. They have also passed costs onto cities and towns raising everyone's property taxes. All of this at a time when over 50,000 New Hampshire men and women are out of work and our state is in the grip of a persistent recession.

The next budget that will be considered in 2011 will be even more problematic. Experts estimate that New Hampshire faces a $600 million deficit when federal stimulus dollars disappear -- which can only mean one thing -- the very real possibility of an income or sales tax or both.

These policies will drive up costs for hard working New Hampshire families and small businesses and drive jobs and businesses out of our State.

Returning Republicans to the Majority in the New Hampshire Senate can and will change the tax and spend climate we face in Concord.

If you agree with me that there needs to be change in Concord, I hope you will consider attending or contributing to Senate Republican's efforts to win back the majority and change the course of our State. Your help is absolutely essential to those efforts.

All of the pertinent details are below. You can contribute on line at or mail a check to Republican Senate Majority Committee, PO Box 3681, Concord New Hampshire  03302 

Thank You For Your Consideration.

My Sincere Best Wishes For A Wonderful Christmas Season,

Jeb Bradley




The Republican Senate Majority Committee
invites you to a reception with
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
General Reception
5:30PM - $50 per person
Private Reception
4:30PM - $500 per person
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
The Grappone Center
70 Constitution Ave.
Concord, NH
RSMC Host Committee:
Senator Jack Barnes
Senator Jeb Bradley
Senator Peter Bragdon
Senator Sharon Carson
Senator Michael Downing
Senator John Gallus
Senator Bob Letourneau
Senator Bob Odell
Senator Sheila Roberge
Web site:

Contributions may be sent to:
Republican Senate Majority Committee
PO Box 3681
Concord, NH 03302
Checks should be made payable to “Republican Senate Majority Committee”