iPark Manchester Program A Success – Just In Time For Snow

MANCHESTER, NH, Dec. 8, 2009 – Since November 1st, almost 250 people have taken advantage of the ease, convenience, and security of paying for parking with the push of a button – before leaving their cars.  Parking Manager Brandy Stanley states: “I’ve been waiting for the first snowstorm of the season – while I can’t exactly say I’m happy it’s here, I am very excited that we now offer an alternative to walking through and over ice and snow to pay for parking.   With a major snowstorm fast approaching, which would you choose?

  • Standing in the cold searching for coins or waiting for a receipt to print;
  • Climbing over snow banks; or
  • Pushing a button on a small device from inside your car to start and stop your parking sessions.


Also, as soon as a driver returns to the car, he or she presses a button to end the parking session, and the device only charges the exact amount due for the exact time parked.”

The smart, replenishable, parking device is lightweight and easily fits in the palm of your hand – it’s about the size of the popular EZ Pass® pre-paid toll transponders. With the push of a button you start a parking session, affix the iPark 2.0 to the windshield with the screen facing out, and that’s it.  While you’re away from your car, the screen displays a digital clock for Parking Control Officers to read.

The iPark sells for $25, and comes with $10 in complimentary parking funds.  They can be purchased online at www.manchesternh.gov/parking, in person at the Parking Division office at 25 Vine Street or at the Ordinance Violations Bureau inside City Hall.