NetRight Daily: Health Care, EPA and More!

Our Health Care Mess is a Symptom Of a Much Bigger Problem:  From Senator Jim DeMint - Just in case you've missed it, there has been a lot of debate recently about reforming our nation's health care system. The president and his allies in Congress have told us they have just the ticket to fix our problems: a plan that creates a new federal government insurance company and pays for it by raising taxes on just about everyone and cutting nearly $500 billion from Medicare. Their plan takes an unsustainable mountain of government debt, bureaucracy and spending, then bulldozes a new mountain of bureaucracy and debt right on top of it.

Czar Obama Takes Aim at Congress:  There are so many deep flaws in the "Endangerment Ruling" announced Monday by President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency that it is quite possible the worst of them will escape notice.

Valerie Jarrett and Cecil Butler:  Partners in Slime:  Cecil Butler started managing the Lawndale Restoration, a low-income community in 1974. In 1995, Cecil Butler received a $51 million loan, backed by the state, to renovate Lawndale Restoration. In 1999, Valerie Jarrett's Habitat formed an LLC with Butler's Boulevard Management. In 2000, Cecil Butler hired the Habitat Company to manage Lawndale Restoration.

The Unsinkable "Public Option":  Late yesterday, there was a flurry of reports from Washington that Senate Democrats had reached agreement to abandon the highly unpopular "public option," caving in to public opposition and jettisoning the flotsam.

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