NRCC - UL: Still Waiting for Shea-Porter

After making her name as an anti-war candidate, then calling for a refocus on efforts in Afghanistan and more recently fumbling around the troop surge plan saying she’s inclined to oppose it, now it seems like Carol Shea-Porter would just rather remain silent, which must be a relief for her press secretary who’s probably tired of defending flip-flops and inconsistencies.

She avoids meeting with voters and now refuses to even say anything to voters (or the Fourth Estate).

Still Waiting

By John DiStaso

Granite Status

The New Hampshire Union Leader

December 10, 2009

Still Waiting.  Rep. Carol Shea-Porter is still keeping us waiting for her definitive opinion on the Obama 30,000-troop escalation in Afghanistan.  Last week she said her “inclination” was to oppose it but as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, she wanted to hear from top administration officials.

Now that those hearings have been held, Shea-Porter hasn’t said anything more.  She was unavailable yesterday, at a White House announcement of funds for community health centers, including $4.5 million for the Avis Goodwin Community Health Center in Dover, $2.6 million for the Ammonoosuc Community Health Services in Littleton and $2.1 million for Lamprey Health Care in Newmarket.