NHDP - Will Ayotte Stand Up to Wall Street?

With a History of Pushing the GOP's Failed Economic Agenda, Will Kelly Ayotte Oppose Today's Sweeping Financial Regulatory Reform?

CONCORD - After mimicking her Republican handlers in Washington on everything from health care to tax cuts, will Kelly Ayotte line up with the GOP and oppose the landmark financial regulation bill being considered today in Congress?

The bill contains sweeping reforms to protect consumers from the Republican-driven economic agenda that led to abusive financial practices and last year's economic collapse. The legislation would tighten regulation on banks, credit card companies and other Wall Street institutions. It would also strengthen oversight of executive compensation and increase transparency across the board [NYT,12/11/09].

"Kelly Ayotte has yet to stand up to her Washington handlers or the interests of big banks, big insurance and big business. Would today be any different?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "The people of New Hampshire deserve to know where Ayotte stands - with Wall Street or with the working families of the Granite State?"

Ayotte's campaign has consistently shown support for the failed Republican economic policies of the past. She has been an ardent proponent of tax cuts for the country's wealthiest families and steadfast in her opposition to meaningful health care reform to reduce the skyrocketing costs of health insurance [Concord Monitor, 12/10/09].

"Perhaps Kelly Ayotte forgot what happened the last time we let the Washington GOP push their misguided economic agenda on the backs of the hard-working men and women of this state," added Browne.