CHQ - Why Leaderless Tea Parties Are Beating the GOP

Why Leaderless Tea Parties Are Beating the GOP

Richard Viguerie  - "Rasmussen reports the Tea Party Movement, which percolated only months ago, is beating the Grand Old Party. That's amazing -- and good -- news. A nascent grassroots movement is more popular than a long-established political party. Republican Party leaders should be embarrassed. Instead, the Republican establishment disdains this populist uprising." 

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Senator Jim DeMint: I Need Some New Republicans

CBN News (The Brody File) - "Hey Tea Party participants. Listen up. Senator Jim DeMint says it's time for, "some new republicans" to be elected to serve in the Senate. DeMint spoke to The Brody File about what he wants to see happen in 2010. The junior Senator from South Carolina is a MAJOR player in the Tea Party movement due to the fact that he has been aggressively backing conservative type candidates against Republican establishment figures. For example, he's backing Marco Rubio in Florida against Charlie Crist and Chuck DeVore in California instead of Carly Fiorina."

Texas Tells EPA 'Go Away,' We Can Do It Better

The Gov Monitor - "Governor Rick Perry today sent a letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson urging her to withdraw the EPA's recent ruling on the danger of carbon dioxide."

Perry references the "negative implications of Washington's continued intrusion into the lives of Texans by sacrificing jobs, negatively impacting our energy industry and compromising our economic strength as they pursue one-size-fits all energy regulations."

"The unelected bureaucrats at the EPA have effectively and unilaterally ended any honest debate on this vital issue."

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