NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN

Climate-Gate Denial:  The recent announcement by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson that greenhouse gasses endanger public health lays out the red carpet for a host of new government regulations across a broad swath of industries. And it comes as no surprise to those familiar with publications penned by Jackson underling Lisa Heinzerling.

Government Take Over of Financial Services Passes House:  HR 4173 has just passed the House with a 223-2o2 vote. This legislation creates a five member committee that will prevent the President from having to go before Congress to obtain money for Bailouts and expand the President's power in making decisions that effect the financial sector

Great Expectations Dashed:  After the disastrous Christmas shopping season of 2008, it's understandable that retailers desire 2009 to be a makeup year. They're hoping that pent-up demand for "must have" electronic items and less pricey gifts catering to those desiring creature comforts like sweaters and other clothing items will place their bottom line squarely in the black this year – after all, Black Friday comes with the hope that subsequent holiday sales will make the year's profit.

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