NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Kills Plan to End TARP, Return Money to Taxpayers

New Hampshire Democrat Backs Her Party’s Partisan Cash Grab, Paves the Way for Their Next Failed Spending Bill

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter voted today against a measure that would permanently end Washington’s unpopular bailout program and return all unused funds to their rightful owners – American taxpayers (House Roll Call 967). With Democrat leaders clamoring to get their hands on unused Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds to pay for their second ‘stimulus’ bill, Shea-Porter paved the way for her party’s latest failed spending experiment:

 “President Barack Obama and his advisers, looking for ways to boost job creation, are considering using money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to help the economy as it emerges from a recession, he said. The idea of using money from the $700 billion financial bailout fund was endorsed yesterday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat.”

 “‘Investments that we have in jobs should be paid for by TARP funds,’ Pelosi said yesterday.” (Julianna Goldman, “Obama Won’t Seek Second Major Stimulus,” Bloomberg, 12/4/09)

 “Handed the opportunity to end Washington’s ongoing bailout mentality and pay down a ballooning national debt, Carol Shea-Porter instead endorsed her party’s partisan cash grab in order to fund their next reckless spending binge,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After touting multiple bailouts, failed spending sprees, and a government healthcare takeover, it’s clear that Democrats are on a quest to spend the country into bankruptcy. Shea-Porter and her party bosses’ big-spending policies are leading the country down a path toward fiscal insolvency. Shea-Porter's vote today only further highlights the fact that she is unwilling to pass up an opportunity to waste taxpayer money.”

With Democrats plotting their next wasteful ‘stimulus’ bill, New Hampshire taxpayers will have Carol Shea-Porter to thank for once again flushing their hard-earned money down the drain.