CHQ - Little to Celebrate on Bill of Rights Day (12/15/09)

The Vision of the Founders: Dead and Gone

Tenth Amendment Center (Kevin R.C. Guzman) - ("Editors Note: Tuesday, December 15th is Bill of Rights Day. But as Kevin Guzman, [co-author of Who Killed the Constitution?], points out in this article, it's not a day of celebration. Instead, it should be a day of mourning for the death of decentralized self-government.)

"No one today even pretends that the Bill of Rights serves its intended purpose of restraining the Federal Government. Quite the opposite. And the death of decentralized, election-based government is entirely lamentable." 

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Shall We Call Them 'Greenbaggers?'


CHQ Staff - "We'll see how much coverage CNN, NBC, and the others give to the arrests of whacko environmental radicals at the Copenhagen climate conference (no, Al Gore wasn't arrested)."

Down With Big Business and Crony Capitalism

Forbes (Congressman Paul Ryan) - "In 1979, Robert Bartley's editorial writing at the Wall Street Journal not only garnered a Pulitzer Prize, but also exposed a pernicious threat to free enterprise. In a piece titled 'Down With Big Business,' which focused on how General Motors was using its muscle and government  connections to squeeze out competitors, Bartley concludes we ought not rely on big business to defend free markets.

"Thirty years later, this crony capitalism is back with a vengeance, accelerated by an aggressive program by President Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership. It is wreaking havoc on economic recovery and fueling continued resentment among the American people."

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