CHQ - The Bill of Rights is the Antidote of Big Government

The Bill of Rights

Cato@Liberty (Tim Lynch) - "The Framers of the Constitution would not have been surprised by the relentless attempts by government to expand its sphere of control. The Framers themselves would often refer to written constitutions as mere 'parchment barriers' or what we would describe as 'paper tigers.' They nevertheless concluded that putting safeguards down on paper was better than having nothing at all." 

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Daily Lickskillet: Most Republicans don't bother us.

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Retirement of Bart Gordon is a Victory for the Tea Party Movement


CHQ Staff (Michael Patrick Leahy) - "Bart Gordon, a thirteen term Democrat from Tennessee's Sixth Congressional District, announced his retirement yesterday. Recent polls put him slightly behind Tennessee Republican State Senator Jim Tracy, the latest Republican challenger in the race, and certainly the most well known.

"Credit for Mr. Gordon's surprise announcement of his retirement, however, must go to the Tea Party insurgents who showed his weaknesses."

Another Look at Defunding Acorn

American Thinker (Mark Fitzgibbons) - "ACORN claims it would be an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder for Congress to defund the organization.

"As long as liberals are being persnickety about constitutional authority, perhaps they can explain where in the Constitution Congress, or the federal government generally, has the enumerated power to fund ACORN. The question is: will Republicans use this ruling as incentive to work towards not funding leftwing causes with taxpayer dollars in the first place?"

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