NHDP - Do Senate Candidates Terry Pfaff and Rep. David Boutin Support Republican Plan to Make Health Care Less Affordable

Republican Candidates for Senate District 16 should tell voters where they stand on proposals that would cut 1500+ kids from state's Healthy Kids Silver program and slash Medicaid.

Concord -  New Hampshire House Republicans have introduced legislation that would radically cut health services for New Hampshire's seniors, children, and needy citizens.  Two bills - HB1283 and HB1587 - are particularly noteworthy for the severe cuts they make to essential health services for the state's most vulnerable citizens.
HB1283 would cut more than 1500 children from Healthy Kids Silver, a program that provides low income families with access to affordable health insurance.  While HB1587 would eliminate funding for prescription drug coverage, wheelchair vans and mental health care, among other services.
As of Wednesday, neither Terry Pfaff nor Rep. David Boutin - the two individuals competing to be the Republican nominee for the Senate District 16 special election - had taken a position on the legislation.
"Terry Pfaff and Rep. David Boutin should tell the people of district 16 where they stand on the Republican plan to roll back health care for the state's most vulnerable citizens," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  
"The Republican proposals would be devastating for struggling families in the district and the voters have a right to know where they stand on these important issues," Richer added.
"Governor Lynch, Rep. Jeff Goley, and legislative Democrats have worked hard to balance the budget while protecting essential services like these," continued Richer.  "If elected, will Pfaff and Boutin stand with New Hampshire families and oppose radical Republican proposals like these or side with their party's leadership?"
The voters of Senate District 16, which includes Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Wards 1, 2 and 12 in Manchester, are holding an election to replace former Senator Ted Gatsas who resigned from his seat when he became Mayor of Manchester.  
The primary will be held January 12th, followed by the general election on February 16th.  Terry Pfaff and Rep. David Boutin are the two Republicans running for the seat.  Rep. Jeff Goley is the only Democrat in the race.
Additional background on HB1587: HB1587 would require the state to eliminate all non federally mandated benefits, including outpatient hospital for mental illnesses; mental health centers; prescription drugs; medical support in the home and durable medical equipment; ambulance services; wheelchair van services; audiology services; optometric services (eyeglasses); psychology; private duty nursing; physical therapy; speech therapy; occupational therapy; medical services clinics; personal care; day habilitation; adult medical day care; crisis intervention; intensive home and community services; child health support services; home based therapy; placement services; private non-medical institutions for children; Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR); inpatient psych facility for individuals under 22 years of age; school based services; home and community based care (HCBC) waiver services (including the Choices for Independent waiver, Acquired Brain Disorder waiver, In-home supports waiver, and Developmentally Disabled)