NHDP - Statement from the NHDP Chair on Governor Tim Pawlenty Fundraising for the NH Republican State Senate PAC

Concord - Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty attending the New Hampshire Senate Republican fundraiser.
"It's odd that a failed Governor from Minnesota is coming to raise money for the republican state senate minority in New Hampshire that has failed to do anything positive for the people of the Granite State.
"While President Obama and Governor Lynch are working hard to move our state and country forward, Governor Tim Pawlenty and the New Hampshire Republican Party have been pandering to their most fringe members.
"And Governor Pawlenty's visit to New Hampshire is just the latest example of him putting his own political ambition ahead of his state.  Instead of fundraising for the state senate maybe the unpopular Governor should sit the most popular governor in the country, Governor Lynch, to learn how to better serve the people of Minnesota?