NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Votes for 'Son of Stimulus'

More Taxpayer Money Wasted on the Democrats’ Latest Spending Spree

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter continued her ongoing quest to waste taxpayer funds at every possible turn today when she voted for round two of her party’s failed ‘stimulus’ plan. The Democrats’ $154 billion ‘Son of Stimulus’ is paid for with borrowed tax dollars from the Troubled Asset Relief Program – money that American taxpayers would no doubt prefer to be used to pay down a ballooning debt that is burdening future generations:

 “The jobs bill, to be filed tonight, would include as much as $75 billion in unspent Troubled Asset Relief Program infrastructure projects, as well as assistance to states and localities to help avoid layoffs of police officers, firefighters, teachers and other government workers.

 “In addition, the measure will include as much as $79 billion for a six-month extension of unemployment benefits, COBRA health benefits and other emergency safety net programs.” (Billy House, “House Jobs Bill on Tap in Year-End Push,” National Journal’s Congress Daily, 12/15/09)

Even though a mere quarter of the first round of stimulus funds has been spent, Democrats are eager to reach deep into taxpayer pockets again.

 “Unspent stimulus funds: As of late September, only one-quarter of the $787 billion in stimulus funds have been spent. Some lawmakers say even that unspent money is on the table.” (Jill Jackson, “Democrats Turn Their Attention to Jobs,” 12/02/2009)

 “Carol Shea-Porter's spending crusade is burying middle-class New Hampshire families under mountains of debt with little to show for it,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After her party's first failed attempt at a ‘stimulus,’ Carol Shea-Porter and the master minds behind their disastrous spending spree are at it again. Instead of throwing away unused bailout money on the Democrats’ latest big-government experiment, Shea-Porter should tell her party leaders to do the right thing and use those funds to pay down the exploding debt they have piled on American taxpayers.”

As New Hampshire families struggle to pay the mounds of debt Shea-Porter and her party bosses have laid out for them, will she throw another billion on to the pile?