NetRight Daily: Climate Change Lies by Britain

Climate Change Lies by Britain:  As the Climate-Gate scandal continues to unfold, more and more discrediting information continues to come to light. Now, it looks like the British have been severely fudging data.

Insanity, Defined:  One of the oldest cliches in the book defines insanity as doing the same thing "over and over again" and expecting a different result.

VIDEO:  The Real Problem is spending.

A Return to Slavery... One Progressive Step at a Time:  If you strip the health-care debate of it's sugar coated political buzz words such as mandate and public option, aren't we really talking about just another case where the government has decided to force you to labor for the benefit of someone else? At the rate we are going, how long will it be before you'll be spending more of your time working for others rather than yourself. Isn't that so very altruistic of you!

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