CHQ - Morton Blackwell: “Now is the time”

Conservative Republican Participation

Red State (Morton Blackwell) - "Now is the time for all good conservatives to work together whenever we can to promote conservative principles successfully through the Republican Party.

"The time is ripe for this because non-conservative Republicans have lost so many elections that, for instance in the House of Representatives, they have an almost negligible presence in public office. Let's build a new majority party which opportunists cannot cripple again by selling out conservative principles."


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CNBC's Santelli: Tea Party Popularity 'Dollar-Friendly'


Business and Media Institute - "On CNBC yesterday, Rick Santelli, the inspiration for the Tea Party Movement, put forth the argument that the current strength of that movement makes congressional gridlock more likely, slows government spending and props up the dollar:

"This new poll that shows the 'Tea Party' is more popular than Republicans and Democrats, I think that at the heart of that is - you can pass anything you want in the middle of the night, doesn't mean it's going to ever be reconciled by both houses or be signed by anybody and I think that's a big dollar-friendly as well." 

Hurray for Sally Knutson!   (Sally Knutson "Hurray for Patriots!" Letter to the Editor) - "We are not a mob! We are not 'in your face!' If you don't agree with our premise, walk on by. We don't stand on overpasses dressed in black. We are passionate about what we believe. We agree bigger government is not the answer to our country's problems. We do not think that spending more of our money to put people to work in government jobs is our duty. We would like to see the Constitution enforced and interpreted by judges who read it as our first law."

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