NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Stimulus Still Not Working as NH's Unemployment Remains Stagnant

Despite Reckless Spending, Economy Remains Sluggish

Washington – Carol Shea-Porter' vote for the Democrats’ job killing ‘stimulus’ package is looking worse by the month. After spending a trillion dollars yielding little to no results, today’s release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting November unemployment in New Hampshire at 11.5 percent leaves voters across the state rightfully asking: Where are the jobs?

Despite the dismal failure of the first stimulus boondoggle, Democrats have continued to reach deep into taxpayers’ pockets by increasing the debt ceiling by billions and signing off on another wasteful ‘stimulus’ spending spree.

 “‘In a world of alternatives, that's the one we have,’ said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., acknowledging that the need to revisit so many controversial items early next year will be a huge headache for Democrats, who control Congress.”

 “ Particularly troublesome is must-pass legislation to make sure the government doesn't default on its obligations when it hits its $12.1 trillion limit on borrowing in the coming days. The bill would boost the ceiling by $290 billion, giving the Treasury another six weeks of borrowing power before Congress will have to act again.” (Andrew Taylor, “House Passes Defense Bill, Rushes Toward Recess,” Associated Press, 12/16/09)

 “Lawmakers, with one eye on the door, plan to conclude the day with a vote on a $174 billion jobs bill combining help for state and local governments with spending on infrastructure and extended benefits for the jobless. Half of that comes from diverting money from the Wall Street bailout fund.” (Taylor, 12/16/09)

“It is time for Carol Shea-Porter to finally admit that her vote for the failed ‘stimulus’ bill has accomplished nothing more than saddling New Hampshire's middle-class families with crushing debt,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “While the economy tumbles and Main Street America continues to suffer, Carol Shea-Porter continues to support her party’s runaway spending spree. If Democrats like Shea-Porter would bother listening, they would hear New Hampshire folks asking only one thing: Where are the jobs?”