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The Tangled Web of Climate-Gate:  As the Climategate scandal continues to unfold, serious questions have arisen as to whether it will ever be possible to confirm how broadly the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) manipulated data upon which the "man-made" global warming "consensus" is based.

Voinovich Places Hold on DHS Appointee:  Senator George Voinovich (D-OH) has placed a hold on Mr. Rafael Borras, the nominee for the Undersecretary of Management at the Depart of Homeland Security. In his letter, Mr. Voinovich cites gross mismanagement inside of DHS as the main reason for Mr. Borras to be disqualified from the appointment. Voinovich wrote that Borras "does not meet the qualification or have the experience necessary to meet those challenges", that would be needed to clean up the department.

Appointment Watch:  This week's Obama Appointment Watch looks at James Wynn and Clifford Stanley.

Exceptionally Unexceptional:  At the NATO summit back in April, President Obama was asked if he subscribed to the "school of American exceptionalism that sees America as uniquely qualified to lead the world."

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