Bowing To Liberal Pressure, Shea-Porter “Inclined” To Abandon Her Long-Held Support For Afghanistan Conflict


CONCORD – Facing a difficult re-election campaign and increasing pressure from the radical left wing of her party, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter announced today that she is “inclined” to flip-flop her position on the war in Afghanistan (NHPoliticalReport, 12/1/09). For years, Ms. Shea-Porter has argued that victory in Afghanistan is necessary to protect the United States from future terrorist attacks since “our nation was attacked by people in Afghanistan.” (Union Leader, 2/15/07)

 “Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s willingness to turn her back on a conflict that she once enthusiastically supported shows that during her three years in Congress, she has evolved into a double-talking, finger-in-the-wind Washington politician,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “If she is willing to flip-flop her position on an issue that she claims is of vital importance to our national security, how can First District residents trust anything else that she says?”

During her 2006 and 2008 campaigns for Congress, Ms. Shea-Porter repeatedly stated that success in Afghanistan was vital to the national security interests of the United States. She said that we “must win” the conflict in Afghanistan because the country “can't be allowed to return to a state that allowed al-Qaida terrorist fighters to flourish.” (Portsmouth Herald, 3/25/08) Shea-Porter also claimed that she “always supported the war in Afghanistan,” (Portsmouth Herald, 10/19/08) because she felt the US Military “needed to be in Afghanistan.” (Portsmouth Herald, 10/15/08)

"Our nation was attacked by people in Afghanistan," Shea-Porter said in 2007 (Union Leader, 2/15/07). "We should be working even harder there to make sure our mission does not fail."

"We need to finish what we started in Afghanistan,” Shea-Porter also repeatedly stated in 2007 (Portsmouth Herald, 2/23/07). “We need to finish the job there.” (Concord Monitor, 2/11/07)