Heritage: Health Care, Global Warming, Jobs and More

Christmas is right around the corner. While most Americans are preparing for celebration with family and friends, the United States Senate is considering a health care bill that would put the government in charge of one-sixth of the economy. At 1am this morning, the Senate voted 60-40 to proceed toward a final vote, which will probably come at 7pm on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, President Obama made a speech at the global warming summit in Copenhagen, Denmark which gave weight to the CO2 emission regulatory scheme put in motion by the EPA just a few days earlier.

The focus in Washington, DC should be on creating an environment for a strong economy and job creation, not further spending programs, taxation and regulation that threaten to drive us into deeper economic trouble.

The Heritage Foundation continues to provide timely analysis and commentary of the public policy implications of these proposals. I have included links to research, analysis and commentary from Heritage that I hope you will find useful.

Health Care

Why the Personal Mandate to Buy Health Insurance Is Unprecedented and Unconstitutional
More Broken Health Care Promises
Video: Doctors Explain Why Obamacare is Wrong for America
Small Business Is Not Better Off Under Obamacare
Another Poll, More Proof America Does Not Want Obamacare
U.S. Civil Rights Commission: Racially Discriminatory Provisions in Obamacare
Obamacare Is The Public Option
Employment Discrimination in the Senate Health Care Bill
New Senate Health Bill: Exacerbating Federal Fiscal Insanity
Entitlement Reform Should Precede Health Care Expansion
The Senate Health Care Bill's "Firewall" Creates Disparate Subsidies

EPA’s Power Grab

Heritage sent two analysts, Ben Lieberman and Steven Groves, to Copenhagen to track what the conference was up to, and set up a web page to track their findings.  Click here for all of their updates. And, check out our reaction to the President’s speech:

Live at Copenhagen: Reaction to President Obama’s Speech
Obama Lays out Formula for Economic Disaster at Copenhagen

Heritage has analyzed the EPA’s efforts to regulate our carbon dioxide emissions as well as the legislative efforts to do the same. The results are simple - fewer jobs and higher energy costs:

Regulating CO2 with Common Sense is a Contradiction in Terms


Carbon Dioxide Regulations Display EPA’s Arrogance

EPA Threats Are No Excuse for Bad Legislation

Heritage has also followed the “Climategate” story which has called into question the science behind the global warming models:

ClimateGate Heats Up Global Warming Debate before Copenhagen
Sen. Inhofe Discusses Climategate, “The Greatest Scandal in Modern Science”

Climategate: >From Skepticism to Investigation

Economy and Jobs

Congressman Eric Cantor came to Heritage and asked, Does Creating Jobs Have to Cost Money? And, Heritage analyst James Sherk looked into the reasons behind the current economic environment: Reduced Investment and Job Creation to Blame for High Unemployment

More from our blog:

222 Economists Support Reining in Federal Spending Instead of More “Stimulus”

Obama’s Failed Stimulus in Pictures: Jobs Gap Grows to 7.6 Million

Where Are the Jobs? In Washington of Course

Foreign Policy Focus

Senator John McCain came to Heritage and gave a speech on Winning the War in Afghanistan.

Heritage analysts also continue to write about these ongoing issues:

The U.S. Should Oppose Any Increase in the U.N.'s Regular Budget
Time for Obama Administration to Get Serious About Trade Policy

Don't Circumvent the Senate's Important Role in Negotiating Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties

The latest edition of our quarterly magazine, The Insider, has just been released and it’s available to you online by clicking here.  This quarter’s issue includes a recap of 2009 under President Obama, a piece on trade barriers by Daniel Griswold, and an interview with American Film Renaissance’s Jim and Ellen Hubbard. It also includes helpful tips on how to improve your blog and how to affordably self-

Each year, Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D., writes a President’s Essay. President Feulner’s 2009 President’s Essay is about Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson. Published in 1946, its central message is very timely today when Americans are looking for answers to our present economic crisis. If you are interested in receiving a copy, simply reply to this e-mail with your name and mailing address and I will send you one.

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