Ayotte For US Senate - My Union Leader Op-Ed

This morning an Op-Ed I wrote titled: "Health care reforms that don't need back-room deals" ran in the Union Leader.

"Unfortunately, the $1.3 trillion, budget-busting bill passed by Rep. Paul Hodes and the House of Representative takes us in the wrong direction. Hodes' plan raises taxes on small businesses and makes it more difficult for them to provide health care for their employees; it cuts Medicare for seniors; and it paves the way for government rationing of health care.....any reform should meet the following principles: You should be allowed to keep your current plan if you choose; families and small businesses should be able to design a plan that meets their individual needs; Washington bureaucrats should not come between patients and their doctors; and it should not increase taxes or drive up our deficit."

You may read the full Op-Ed on my blog. I encourage you to read it and then please leave me a comment (I read them!) and let me know what you think.


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