Josiah Bartlett Center's Complete Cash Flow Report

Can New Hampshire Pay Its Bills
Josiah Bartlett Center releases comprehensive report on New Hampshire Cash Flow

(CONCORD)  The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy today released a comprehensive report on New Hampshire's cash flow systems, "Can New Hampshire Pay Its Bills?"  The report first ran as a six-part series on the Center's news site, New Hampshire Watchdog.  Lead Investigator Grant Bosse authored the in-depth look at how the Granite State's pays for its two-year budget, its Turnpike Fund, and its pension system.

Based on extensive interviews with New Hampshire Treasurer Cathy Provencher, the report examines how New Hampshire's budget impacts its bond rating, how the JUA Case is putting pressure on the state's bank account, and how New Hampshire is avoiding the threat of bankruptcy looming in other states.

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