CHQ - A Christmas Wish for 2010: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders Who Will Fight 'em to the Finish Line

Old GOP message: "We're going to fight to the finish line;" New GOP message: "Let's go home"

(CHQ Editor's Note: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had vowed to fight Obamacare to the finish, has caved on a procedural issue, allowing the final vote on this monstrosity to be held at 8 am instead of 7 pm on Christmas Eve. Michelle Malkin thinks it's time for new blood to give the GOP leadership a little more backbone and resolve.)

Michelle Malkin - "The Tea Party movement injected new life and new blood into the grass-roots fiscal conservative movement - bringing energetic newcomers into the political process willing to invest their time and money outside their day jobs and family/community commitments. They are activists who eschew apathy and fatigue to battle the wealth redistributors at every level and opportunity.

"Too many worn-out GOP 'leaders' have put 'comity' over principle. My Christmas wish for 2010: A new generation of conservative leaders who will walk the 'fight 'em to the finish line' talk - fighting to win, not fighting to settle," and before a decade will govern America and restore our country to our founding principles.

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Tea Parties, Third Parties, and the Republican Party (Thomas Del Baccaro) - "At its core, the Tea Party movement is a pro-liberty - limited government movement.  Its activists continue to believe in Reagan's cogent message about government.  Beneath that over-arching theme, Tea Partiers by-in-large are motivated by four major issues. (1) excessive taxation, (2) out-of-control spending, (3) out of control Legislators who pass bills without reading them, and (4) the apparent lack of adherence/respect for our Constitution. 

"Unless Republicans regain that understanding [of the Reagan message], rather than winning next year with Tea Party support amidst the troubles of the Democrats, Republicans may well be alone wearing the Whigs of long ago."

Huge Blow to Charlie Crist Today 

Red State - Red State reports that Congressmen Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balert have withdrawn their endorsements of Charlie Crist. Their conclusion: When even establishment Republicans are withdrawing their support, Charlie Crist is in serious trouble.

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