CHQ - Principled Conservative Challenger Shows Strength in Florida Senate Primary

Florida Primary struggle for the soul of the GOP

Washington Times (Donald Lambro)- "Conservative challenger Marco Rubio has surged into a dead heat in his Florida Senate campaign against establishment-backed Charlie Crist in a primary battle that is the first major test of the growing power of the 'tea party' movement.

"Mr. Rubio's once-underdog candidacy, which has been trailing far behind the better-financed Republican governor for months, is suddenly catching fire, helped by the conservative Club for Growth and an army of tea party activists drawn by his unequivocal anti-tax, anti-big government message."


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Oklahama "Blue Dog" expects more centrist Democrats to announce retirement before midterms


The Hill - "Political observers should expect more retirement announcements from centrist Democrats, according to Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.), himself a centrist Democrat.

"Boren, who is being targeted for defeat by Republicans in 2010, said that a tough road ahead in 2010 could spur more Democrats to opt out of tougher races next fall."

Democrats Wave White Flag on "Cap and Trade"

Hot Air (Ed Morrissey) - "When even Dick Durbin (D-IL) says that Senate Democrats have to be 'realistic' about their energy policy in light of a struggling economy, it means that Barbara Boxer and John Kerry had better get used to disappointment. Battered by a health-care overhaul debate that will almost certainly return to them next month, some Senate Democrats have warned leadership that they will not support a cap-and-trade bill in this economy."

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