NetRight Daily: Gate Crashers Mystery Grows

Senate Should Return Home:  When members of Congress returned home for the August recess just a few short months ago, it is said that they had walked into a political buzz saw of opposition to the proposed $2.1 trillion "public option." As the summer roiled on, Americans young and old proceeded to town hall meetings nationwide, giving their Representatives and Senators quite an earful.

Gate Crashers Mystery Grows:  The mystery surrounding the White House "gate crashers" continues to grow – and with it so do doubts as to what really happened before, during, and since the unsettling episode. One thing is certain, however: the full truth has not yet been told. And, in fact, the "misstatements" continue to multiply.

HUD Must Cut Off Acorn:  More than a month ago, Congress passed a bill designed to protect taxpayers from funding the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The left-wing activist group, which has received at least $53 million in government funds since 1994, is notorious for submitting fraudulent voter registrations and for allegedly commingling the finances of its nonprofit and political arms. More recently, a series of undercover videotapes caught ACORN employees abetting fraud and underage sex-trafficking.

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