NH Sen Bradley - NH National Guard Soldiers Need Our Assistance

Dear Friends,

Good afternoon and many thanks for taking your valuable time to read this request.

As the Holiday Season rapidly approaches, we all look forward to seeing our family and friends while also reflecting and giving thanks for the multiple blessings in our lives.

But while we celebrate the Holidays, a group of New Hampshire National Guard Soldiers is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. The Milford based C Company 3/172nd Infantry made up of 140 men will work to train Afghan Security Forces. The New Hampshire National Guard are unsung heroes among us; courageous and willing to serve. That service runs the gamut from rescuing people during past floods to protecting our national security in foreign and faraway lands. For some this deployment represents their first tour of duty, while for others it is their second or even greater tour of duty in this part of the world. 

The members of C Company will train in Indiana prior to a late January deployment to Afghanistan where they will serve for a year. However, for several days around Christmas and New Year's these soldiers will be able to return home to loved ones for a few precious days. However, the individual soldier must pay for his transportation from Indiana to New Hampshire and back. And that is where all of us come in.

The National Guard Association and Enlisted Association of New Hampshire do an incredible job assisting families while a husband or father, wife or mother is called to service. In this instance the National Guard Association and the Enlisted Association of New Hampshire would like to charter buses to transport these soldiers home for the Holidays. Please consider joining with me to donate to these very worthwhile organizations so that there is no cost to individual soldiers for this journey. Please mail your tax-deductible check to:

National Guard Association of New Hampshire


1 Minute Man Way

Concord, New Hampshire 03301


I had the opportunity to meet New Hampshire National Guard soldiers serving in Iraq. Their sacrifice, valor and commitment are without rival. They ask little of us except that we thank them by watching over their families when they are gone, pray for their safety, and cheer their arrival when they return.

Our donations to the National Guard Association of New Hampshire will be a small measure of THANK YOU extended to these extraordinary people.

Sincere Best Christmas and New Years Wishes,


Jeb Bradley