CHQ - Tea Party Activists Already Influencing 2010 Elections

Tea Party Movement Grows, Could Shake Up 2010 Elections - "Fueled by anger at politicians and distrust of the government, the rapidly growing tea party movement could upend the political establishment in the 2010 elections -- ultimately becoming a permanent, game-changing force in American politics.
"Danita Kilcullen, of Fort Lauderdale, co-leader of the tea party group that protests every Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway, said she thinks a tea party 'third party' is a bad idea. 'I know that there's talk,' she said. 'I'm not for any third party that splits the [Republican] Party. I just want the Republican Party to get back on track.' "


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Tea Parties Bubbling Up in Georgia


Chattanooga Times Free Press - "There's a political movement percolating in North Georgia, and it's picking up steam. Catoosa, Gilmer and Walker counties have tea party groups, and new ones are forming in Dade and Whitfield counties. 'My desire is to go through all of the (Georgia's) 9th Congressional District and organize tea parties,' said James Groce, a leader with the Tea Party of Walker County."

Utah to Consider States' Rights Legislation

Tenth Amendment Center - "The State of Utah will be considering House Concurrent Resolution 2 (HCR2) in 2010. The resolution, sponsored by Julie Fisher, 'urges the federal government and United States Congress to repeal and prohibit regulations and laws infringing upon the rights of states under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.'

"While, non-binding, the resolution is an essential first step towards restoring state-sovereignty. It makes clear that the legislature stands in support of the Constitution of the Founders and paves the way for follow up legislation to nullify federal laws and regulations. If passed, Utah will join 7 other states who've done so since early 2009."

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