CHQ - Even Republicans know their excesses and incompetence gave us Obama/Pelosi/Reid

Republicans Deserve Blame for Democratic Excesses

Washington Examiner (Byron York) - "[Even Republicans] know the GOP created the conditions that set in motion the electoral swings of 2006 and 2008, leading to the overwhelming majorities that allow Democrats to pass legislation the public doesn't want.

"They know the combination of disaster in Iraq in 2006, plus what might be called the Republican governance deficit -- a combination of the response to Hurricane Katrina, the abandonment of fiscal discipline and ethical lapses -- destroyed the public's faith in Republicans' ability to govern. So when the next crisis came around -- the economic meltdown, smack in the middle of the 2008 campaign -- voters had no confidence that Republicans could handle it."

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Rhode Island GOP Mulls Closed Primary


Newsmax - "The Rhode Island Republican Party is considering a plan to close its primary so only registered Republicans can vote in it, several party leaders told the Associated Press on Tuesday.  The party's executive committee will consider the plan Jan. 5. If approved by a majority of the committee's 50 members, it would then go to state party members for a vote, state GOP Chairman Giovanni Cicione said."

Where is the National GOP in Massachusetts Special Election?

Hot Air (Ed Morrissey) - "Normally, when a special election occurs to fill a seat in Congress or especially the Senate, the national parties throw resources and attention onto the race. The lack of competition for attention allows the national parties to transform the elections into national referendums of sorts, and the party out of power usually has an opportunity to exploit the lower turnout to steal a march on the governing party. So why have the national GOP and party leaders gone AWOL in Massachusetts, where Scott Brown will battle Martha Coakley for Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate?"

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