AFP - Hot Air Tour Event in Bedford NH 12/9 -- LIVE from Copenhagen

Dear Friend,

In one week President Barack Obama will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference.  It is almost certain the President will commit the United States to an energy rationing scheme that makes us accountable to U.N. bureaucrats, kills jobs here, dramatically raises the price of gasoline and electricity, and infringes on our personal and national freedoms -- all in the name of an unproven radical global warming ideology.

As part of AFP’s ongoing Hot Air Tour, we will be hosting a viewing party in Bedford at SERESC Conference Center, 29 Commerce Drive, Bedford of our Webcast LIVE from Copenhagen on the same day the President is there to make sure that the truth is told.

AFP President Tim Phillips and Director of Policy Phil Kerpen will be in Copenhagen hosting an event with Lord Monckton (click here to join the 3.5 million people who have seen his video detailing how our nation could be threatened by international climate agreements) and other European free-market leaders who will detail the hypocrisy of this U.N. conference and explain how cap-and-trade has killed jobs and raised energy prices in their nations.

All this will be Simulcast LIVE to AFP – New Hampshire’s own Hot Air Tour event at noon December 9th. Space is limited so RSVP today! Light refreshments will be served.


What : Hot Air Tour: Live from Copenhagen
Where: SERESC Conference Center, Bedford, NH
When: December 9, 2009
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If you cannot attend the New Hampshire event, view it live at our website or better yet, hold your own get-together for family and friends.  CLICK HERE to sign up or receive more information on this. 

Please consider sending this email invitation to your family and friends by CLICKING here.  We need to make sure the politicians in Washington know that Americans are closely watching the cap-and-trade issue and that the U.N. Conference in Copenhagen changes absolutely nothing. 

We're going to be in Copenhagen on December 9 with President Obama -- telling the real story and making sure our Senators see American citizens taking a stand against outsourcing U.S. energy policy to an international body.

Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity

PS:  Our "Cost of Hot Air" events across the United States on December 9 are our last opportunity in 2009 to send the politicians a message on cap-and-trade -- on the very day that President Obama will be in Copenhagen at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  Get involved and let's make sure they know that the choice for them is clear:  side with Americans determined to keep our nation in charge of our own energy policy and economy OR side with U.N. bureaucrats and the extreme Left, which wants to use this conference to get the United States to agree to binding energy rationing limits that will kill jobs, raise gasoline and utility prices and take away many of our freedoms. 

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