CHQ - Join American Thinker Readers in Polling Senators on Climategate

Lee Cary: AT Readers Asked to Poll Senators on Climategate

American Thinker and Conservative HQ readers are invited to poll their U.S. Senators concerning their reactions to Climategate.

Recently, AT contacted the press offices of GOP Senators DeMint, Graham, McConnell, Hutchison, and McCain and posted their statements, or more accurately their absence of statements, on Climategate.  A posting of Senator Thune's position is awaiting the transcript of an audio tape his press office submitted to AT wherein Thune was the first Senator we've queried to date who has addressed the issue. He said that the "the advocates of climate change suppressing dissenting opinions" is "inexcusable."  More from Thune's statement will be posted as soon as the transcript is available.

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