US House Republican Whip Picks Frank Guinta for NH 1st Congressional District

Manchester, NH – The momentum for Frank Guinta’s bid for Congress representing New Hampshire’s 1st District continues to grow with today’s announcement of support from Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor.  Congressman Cantor, who serves as Republican Whip in the US House, is a known proponent of common sense reforms without increased federal spending.  He and Guinta share similar views on the topics of healthcare and job creation.

 “It will take support and assistance from many people for us to achieve our goal of winning this seat and bringing some common sense and accountability to back to Washington,” Guinta said.  “I am thrilled to receive this early support from Congressman Cantor--a gentlemen who has continually fought for fiscal responsibility in Washington.  We think very much alike and I look forward to working with him and his colleagues in Congress,” Guinta said.

 “"I am proud to support New Hampshire's Frank Guinta in his effort to come to Congress.  We need more Representatives who focus first on the people they represent.  Mayor Frank Guinta has been a watchdog of the taxpayer’s money and I look forward to working with him to do the same here in Congress." Congressman Eric Cantor, (R-VA) Republican Whip.

This latest announcement of support comes on the heels of the release of the latest 50 additions to Frank’s County Co-Caption Team, which now stands at more than 250 members.

 “What we are seeing with this amazing early response from individuals looking to jump on our team, is support not just for our campaign, but for our ideals.  We need to stop spending future generations into debt, we need to reform healthcare in a way that will actually reduce costs and help people, we need to create new jobs and reduce the over burden of taxes on small businesses. This support comes from frustration that things need to change and I will continue to talk about how we can do that throughout the next 11 months,” Guinta said.