Karen Testerman Announces Gubernatorial Exploratory Committee - "Friends of Karen Testerman"

Concord, NH - Karen Testerman, founder and former Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research, radio host, columnist and author, announced today the formation of an exploratory committee, "Friends of Karen Testerman," through which she will prepare for a 2010 run for governor.  Testerman issued the following statement.

 “During the past several months, I have been consulting with friends and supporters throughout the state about the erosion of our freedoms.  Our state motto of 'Live Free or Die' is crumbling under the lack of integrity, out of control spending and a lack of principled leadership in the current administration.  As the founder and former Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research, I understand the value of the grassroots effort and I know that one person can make a difference.  I understand that your word is your bond. 

 “NH was founded on the belief that everyone should be free.  We should have the freedom to succeed.  We should have the freedom to fail.  We should not be forced to allow government to be our nanny who tramples on our freedoms with forced dependency.

 “As I meet with the people in our communities, they talk about how they are hurting because they have lost their jobs, or their tax bill is horrendous.  I hear our seniors talk about leaving this state because of the heavy taxes on interest and dividends as well as their property.  I hear about students who cannot find jobs.  But we in NH are creative and innovative.  Small business attests to this, but we must stop burdening them with increased taxes and regulations.

 “Today, I will step forward to explore a run for governor of this great state.  With the help of the people of NH we can restore the Prosperity, Principles and Values upon which this state was founded.”