National Ballot Initiative Newsletter

The National Initiative for Democracy Newsletter

Ross Levin discovered that If you become a fan of Chase Community Giving, you can vote for 20 charities to receive $25,000.  The Democracy Foundation is on that list - so please register and vote for us.  $25,000 would do wonders for us; we would be able to try out paper ballots and get a lot of funding for the planned documentary. We need to get into the top 100 to win funding, so every vote counts.

Here is the link to Chase Community Giving on Facebook:

Speaking of money, last month we had a moneybomb to promote and raise funds for our new film project. So far, we have raised $1533 from 54 people. This is short of our target of $10,000, but it is a large step in the right direction. Donors, thank you very much!

On Nov 10th, the moneybomb announcement went out to 18815 people in the monthly newsletter. However, we only had 2856 visitors to total during all of November. That means that as many as 16000 of you receiving this newsletter have not even peeked at Please take a look!

Last but not least, a section has been added to our website providing an analysis of public consultation and placing NI4D within that context.