NetRight Daily: Tea Party Poll Sends Shockwaves

"Stunning" Tea Party Poll:  The stunning Rasmussen Poll showing the Republican Party finishing a decided third to a hypothetical 'Tea Party' candidate should send shock waves through the GOP. It demonstrates once again that the timid, tepid Republican leadership is leading its party to the brink of disaster.

Insiders Asking of McConnell: What's the Strategy?:  Since coming to Capitol Hill, current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been recognized by some in the media as a master strategist when it comes to playing the legislative rules for all they're worth. But, with amendments to the Obama government health care takeover sailing through the Senate almost as quickly as they're read, some conservative insiders are wondering why the GOP is not taking advantage of Senate rules to slow down the votes and delay the final vote until after Christmas.

GOP Seeks Principle After Scozzafava Controversy:  A group of eleven party officials introduced a resolution for the upcoming Republican National Committee winter meeting to verify candidates conform to at least eight of ten basic party principles in order to receive party funding for their races. It's their answer to the controversy aroused earlier this fall when it was revealed the RNC had donated heavily to the campaign of New York 23rd Congressional District candidate Dede Scozzafava, a candidate whose viewpoint and New York State Assembly voting record on several issues differed greatly from Republican orthodoxy.

Pulling Back a Bloodied PAW:  The viperish ogres at People for the (Anti)American Way have picked the wrong target for their latest their fundraising screed. Accustomed to watching their quarry turn tail and run while they greedily fleeced their dwindling gaggle of gullible loons, they decided to turn their guns on the gang at Americans for Limited Government.

The "Public Option" Malaise:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) still does not have the 60 votes he needs to pass the so-called "public option" this year, which Senate Republicans say will cost some $2.5 trillion over ten years once fully implemented.

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