State Representative Jeff Goley (D-Hill08) Files Paperwork to Become the Next Senator of District 16

Representative Goley (D-Hills08) promises to continue to work to create jobs and fight for working families in the Senate

Concord - Today, State Representative Jeff Goley (D-Hills08) filed paperwork to become the next senator of district 16.   Representative Goley is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and third generation firefighter who has dedicated his life to public service. 

"As the next senator from district 16, I will work with Governor Lynch to move this state forward and put people back to work," said Representative Goley.  "People are struggling, but I have the experience to address the difficult challenges facing New Hampshire and the people of district 16."
As chair of the Labor Committee, Representative Goley has supported a number of initiatives to help improve the economy, create jobs, and protect working families.
He voted to pass tax credits designed to encourage innovation and promote job growth and supported putting federal economic stimulus dollars to work -- investing in the state's infrastructure to create jobs and improve New Hampshire's roads and bridges.  Representative Goley was also intimately involved in passing the first increase in the minimum wage in over a decade.  
And with job loss on the rise, Representative Goley was instrumental in expanding unemployment benefits -- bringing in an additional $21 million dollars of federal money into New Hampshire's unemployment trust fund.  He also played a central role in passing the state W.A.R.N. Act to provide employees with advanced notice of impending plant closings and mass layoffs. 
"I believe the people of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Wards 1, 2 and 12 in my home city of Manchester, want a new direction," added Goley.