60 Plus Responds to Dem Plans to Expand Medicare

60 Plus Association President Jim Martin made the following statement in response to Democrat plans to expand Medicare and Medicaid:

“It’s being reported that Democrats are proposing a drastic expansion of Medicare and Medicaid in lieu of a government run option.  An expansion of Medicare is as bad if not worse than cutting $500 billion from the program. Putting that many more people into the program would hurt the level of care seniors receive.  This does not solve the underlying problem of not enough doctors in the system.   It won’t improve care for seniors, it just make the lines longer. The only thing it insures is their doctors have less time for them.

There are 77 million Baby Boomers on the cusp of Medicare, and the Democrats are proposing to add them now, a cockamamie idea that makes no sense to seniors already facing massive cuts to Medicare."