Commentary Magazine: The Missile-Defense Betrayal -- Unintended Consequences of Breaking Promises


Commentary has published in its December issue an article of mine, analyzing President Obama's decision to undo Bush policy regarding missile defense.

My main thesis is that to so nonchalantly break Bush's promises (withdrawing from the treaties he signed with Poland and the Czech Republic) not only abuses the trust of our allies and renders it unlikely that they will go out on a limb again to accommodate our interests, but also opens the door of precedent for future presidents to casually undo Obama's own initiatives -- the institution of the presidency has been debased. The abrupt shift of policy regarding Israel is also used for illustration. Though in plain language, I address important game-theory considerations, which I have not seen discussed elsewhere, and the long-term conclusions to be drawn from them.

Here is the article, and I hope you enjoy it.


Kejda Gjermani

Assistant Online Editor

Commentary Magazine