Daily Grind: Pulling Back a Bloodied PAW

Pulling Back a Bloodied PAW
The basis for PAW's baseless charge was as absurd as the accusation itself: they didn't think it was nice for ALG to tell the truth about Obama cohort and Chicago moll, Valerie Jarrett.

The Jarrett Chronicles Part II: Valerie Jarrett's Underwater Demolition
Valerie Jarrett tries her hand at relocating old warehouses for Mayor Daley.

ALG Research Appointment Watch
This week ALG Research highlights a district court appointee for western Wisconsin and the commissioner for EEOC.

Too Hot Not To Note: Boehner Hosts Economic Roundtable
Minority Leader John Boehner, courtesy of the Washington News Observer, points out the lack of private sector experience the Obama Administration has when coming up with solutions to create jobs.