NetRight Daily: 58% Oppose Obama's Economic Plan

On Day of Speech, 58% Oppose Obama Economic Plan:  58 percent of voters oppose an Obama Administration plan to bail out states with "serious financial troubles" as the President gets set for an evening address to the nation on the state of the economy.

The Government Bubble:  Looking back, most investors now understand that over-investment in housing was in large part caused by the Federal Reserve. The central bank under Alan Greenspan cut interest rates way too low, kept rates there way too long and--when it finally got around to lifting them--did it way too slowly.

Statue Depicting Fat, Oppressive Western World Symbolizes Copenhagen Conference:  In connection with the international climate meeting in Copenhagen, December 7-18, 2009, the Danish artist Jens Galschiot (AIDOH – Art In Defence Of Humanism) received permission to temporarily install a sculpture in the water about 5 m from the famous Little Mermaid. It is roughly the same size and is also cast in bronze. It depicts a very fat white woman sitting on the shoulders of a very thin African man, and obviously refers to the rich countries of the world "feeding" off the poor countries. The title of the piece is The Survival of the Fattest .

Valerie Jarrett's Underwater Demolition:  Cataloging Failure:  Mayor Daley was displeased when Jarrett lost Spiegel, a catalog company which had operated warehouses in Chicago for 88 years. Daley wanted a more aggressive effort from the Department of Planning and Development. The company wanted to relocate its old warehouses. Her department proposed six sites, but Spiegel found all of them to be deficient. The best site was covered with 20 to 30 feet of water. Jarrett promised that the site could be filled-in in time to meet Spiegel's deadline, but the company did not believe it.

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