NetRight Daily: Gregg (R-NH) accepts Cabinet Position

According to top New Hampshire sources, Senator Judd Gregg has been offered and accepted the position of Secretary of Commerce. Get the full story on this appointment. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Congress Whip: Be sure to check this site out. We need to know which Senators are going to support the Stimulus vote this week. There is a list of phone numbers for each of the Senators so give them a call! The goal is to get them all on the record on where they stand on spending away America's future.

The Union Payoff Begins: The AP is reporting that the Great Union Payoff has begun, with President Barack Obama set to repeal 4 Bush Administration executive orders that protected workers’ rights.

Comrade of the Month: This is a new monthly award that will be given out by Club for Growth. Check out the candidates in the running for this months award.

Be sure to check out this cartoon from earlier this week: