Airport Access Road Meeting with Senator Shaheen

Londonderry and Region meets with Senator Shaheen about the Airport Access Road

Londonderry, NH -- The Town of Londonderry, New Hampshire met with US Senator Jeanne Shaheen at the Airport Access Road construction site this morning. Representing Londonderry was Town Manager, David Caron, Town Councilor, Kathy Wagner and Community Development Director Andre Garron. Also present was NHDOT Commissioner George Campbell, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Director, Mark Brewer along with other representative from Manchester and Bedford. Senator Shaheen spoke about the economic stimulus funds which are expected to be voted on this week and released thereafter.


Senator Shaheen was clearly impressed with the progress that has been made on the Airport Access Road stating that “this is a very important project for the State of New Hampshire. President Obama does not want earmarks associated with the stimulus, but wants the money to flow through existing state and federal programs.” NHOT Commissioner George Campbell said, “The Airport Access Road project is a $120 Million project and is one of the top transportation priorities in the state”. Airport Director, Mark Brewer, stated how “the airport access road will provide the means to allow the airport to grow. The Manchester-Boston Regional airport processes about 4 million passengers a year, which will grow to 8 million passengers by 2020. Brown Ave. does not have the capacity to absorb that growth, the new airport access road does. Mr. Brewer went on to say that the road will also provide access to hundreds of acres of industrially zone land in Londonderry. This is possible with the completely planned out roadway providing access to 1,000 acres of vacant land adjacent to the airport.”


According to Community Development Director Andre Garron, "This project best aligns with the goals of the proposed economic stimulus package which is aimed at creating construction jobs, improving infrastructure and stimulating economic development, ultimately leading to permanent jobs."

Based on studies prepared by Londonderry, the Pettengill Road project will:

  • Open up over 1,000 acres to economic development
  • Allow 4.6 million square feet of new building construction
  • Create hundreds of infrastructure construction jobs
  • Lead to 4,000 to 6,000 permanent jobs
  • Connect to the Airport Access Road
  • Access the largest industrial land area in Southern New Hampshire

See map of project area here

"The cost of the project is $12.3 Million. If the economic stimulus funds become available, Londonderry has a project ready, with plans and engineering complete. 


Mr. Garron had a chance to speak with Senator Shaheen about it project. Garron said “that the airport access road had two main goals; one was to provide access to the Manchester Boston Regional Airport, the other was to stimulate economic development in the area communities. Londonderry’s current employment base represents 10% of the regional employment. When the Pettengill Road project is completed and built out, Londonderry’s share of the regional employment base will increase to 20%. The Town’s project has all the ingredients for success and aligns very well with the stimulus package; basically, just add water and it will grow.”


Londonderry, New Hampshire is a community of 25,000 located in Southern New Hampshire 45 miles north of Boston. The community is a blend of farmland, homes, commercial and industrial development located on interstate 93. Town and School services are award winning in the region for innovation and excellence in the public service area.