NetRight Daily: The Stimulus Continues

The Senate is still in session and they are about to do a cloture vote as I type this. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Open Letter to Reid and Obama: Majority Leader Reid, we ask that you publish the full legislative text of the compromise immediately, and furthermore, to delay any vote on the bill for at least five days following publication. The American public deserves time to read and understand the substance of this critical legislation, and to express their views to their Senators.

Rep. Shuler Goes on the Offensive: Earlier today, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) said that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had failed at making the Stimulus bill a bipartisan effort. This was a big smack to their face! Anyways, Harry Reid felt the need to comment, and he delivered a gem!

Specter the Traitor: As most of you know by now, Senator Arlen Specter plans to vote in favor of the Stimulus bill. This traitorous act towards free market principles deserves some attention. Specter felt it necessary to explain why he plans to support this horrible legislation. In a column from Specter in today's Washington Post, he says the following...

Hundreds of Economists Against the Stimulus: A great video from CATO further showing that there are economists who disagree with the "stimulus" package.

Senate Stimulus Waste: Below is a list of wasteful spending that is in the Nelson-Collins substitute. This is not everything wasteful that is in the bill, it is just what has been uncovered. Thanks to Senator Coburn's office for discovering this waste!

Resisting the Politicization of the Census: If controlling the executive branch and maintaining a majority in both houses of Congress was not already enough power, President Obama is now poised to expand his sphere of authority to engulf the Census Bureau as well.

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