NH GOP - Shaheen's Contribution: More spending, more debt

Union Leader Editorial

February 9, 2009

While Sen. Judd Gregg worked last week to curtail the shockingly irresponsible levels of spending in the economic stimulus bill, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's modest contribution was to propose another couple of billion dollars be added to it.


On Thursday, Shaheen championed an amendment to restore $2.5 billion "to repair, renovate and modernize higher education facilities," which had been cut in a Senate compromise. With the addition of tax credits for home and automobile buyers, the package had already grown to more than $900 billion by the time Shaheen introduced her amendment. And then she sought to add billions more.


Shaheen announced her amendment the day after the Congressional Budget Office released a letter concluding that the stimulus plan would produce an economic boost for about two years, but then would contract the economy because the debt incurred to finance it would crowd out private investment. The CBO's letter was written in response to a request from Judd Gregg.


This was a week after Shaheen supported keeping $800 million for birth control in the bill. Late last week, Shaheen's office said she had been working to focus the bill on spending that would create jobs. Birth control subsidies create jobs?


Shaheen resisted cuts to the bill, pushed to add more spending, then at the last minute reportedly became involved in efforts to trim some spending. That's just like Shaheen. Push higher spending then hide behind Republicans who request cuts.