CEI Weekly - The Bailouts That Wouldn't Die

February 12, 2009

>>GlobalWarming.org Relaunched

Check out the latest in climate change news and analysis at GlobalWarming.org

>>CEI Publication

On Point: Let Credit Unions Lend More

Eli Lehrer makes the case for expanding credit union business lending, which would unlock otherwise idle capital and thereby help create jobs.


>>Shaping the Debate

Don't Punish the Shareholders, Too

John Berlau featured in The Washington Post



Don't overhype privacy fears on G1

Ryan Radia Featured in USA Today


Protectionism is the embrace of fear, the rejection of hope

Eli Lehrer featured in The Canadian National Post



Insurer’s Exit Leaves Florida on the Brink

Eli Lehrer featured in Washington County Florida News Online



Granting Emissions Waiver Will Lead to De-stimulus

Marlo Lewis featured in Human Events



The Futility of Hybrid Cars

Steven Milloy featured in Junk Science




>>CEI in the News

LegalNewsLine.com -- Sam Kazman


FoxNews.com-- Angela Logomasini


National Underwriter -- Eli Lehrer and Christian Camara


The Register Citizen -- Hans Bader



Florida Times-Union -- Eli Lehrer



WorldNetDaily -- Chris Horner




>>Best of the Blogs

Why “doing nothing” is something really big: Stopping the Anti-Stimulus

by Wayne Crews

"Robert Higgs, he of the famous “ratchet effect” theory of government growth (up but never down in answer to a crisis), has an artcle in the Christian Science Monitoron the merits of doing nothing, and of politicians getting out of the way so that recovery can actually happen."


Geithner’s “bad bank” is a big bad idea: fix bad mark-to-market accounting instead

by John Berlau

"The Obama’s administration $1 trillion plus bank bailout plan — on top of the $800 billion stimulus that just passed the Senate — will explode the national debt and rob from future generations while doing little about the tightening of credit and valuation of toxic assets."



Spending Money Isn’t Bold, New and Certainly Isn’t Change

by Cord Blomquist

"So what has Mr. Obama proposed as his bold, new solution to this problem? Nothing bold or new at all. Mr. Obama seeks to spend more, misallocate another trillion dollars and take the economy down more dead ends, and deepen our already deep recession."



The COPs are back

by Seth Bailey

"Today has seen much activity and media coverage of the TARP’s Congressional Oversight Panel. Today the Panel released a number of reports on their blog—once again blasting the TARP. 'Treasury simply did not do what it said it was doing,' Ms. Warren said at a hearing before the Senate banking committee."



Stanford Economist Blames Government for Crisis

by Cord Blomquist

"On February 20th Stanford economist John B. Taylor will be publishing a book analyzing the financial collapse . . . The book already has rave reviews from several leading intellectuals, like Anna Schwartz, who, with Milton Friedman, authored The Great Contraction, 1929–1933."



European Environment Agency–Stuck in a Mental Rut

by Marlo Lewis

"In a report titled “Beyond Transport Policy,” the European Environment Agency (EEA) bemoans the fact that European transport sector CO2 emissions increased by 26% during 1990-2006. The report is called “Beyond Transport Policy” because–hold on to your hat–the”drivers” of transport demand growth are “external” to the transport sector itself."



Book-Banning, 21st Century Style

by Iain Murray

"Remember the fuss when it was revealed that Sarah Palin had enquired about removing books from her town library? It would have been so much simpler if she’d just regulated them away on health and safety grounds."



SEC penalty policy change could harm innocent investors

by John Berlau

"Schapiro, whom I have praised previously for her regulatory prudence, is correct in wanting the agency go after corporate wrongdoers with full force. But she should seriously rethink instituting this policy change that would have the unintended but predictable effect of punishing innocent shareholders twice."




LibertyWeek Episode 29: The Mother-in-Law of All Debts

After a brief celebration of twenty-five years of Yuri Andropov being dead, we focus on the 900 billion lb. gorilla in the room, the economic stimulus bill making its way through Congress. Alternate references to it as porkulus, the Stimulus to Nowhere and the Mother of All Debts are also acceptable. Having spent our way through future generations, we take a look at the new e-book reader, the Kindle 2, with a little help from our friends at Ars Technica. Moving on to Scandal Watch, we look into both the faux scandal and the actual conflicts of interest in the herstory of Labor Secretary-Designate Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA). Finally, we give Michael Phelps some additional support and encouragement in a very special installment of Olympic News.



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