CHQ - Urgent Action Needed on Stimulus Bill

URGENT: Stimulus Bill Threatens to Turn Charities into Chicago-Style Political Machines
CHQ Special Message -Unless we stop it, the stimulus bill could help turn nearly every charity in America into part of a Chicago-style political machine. Our country's vast network of nonprofit organizations - groups that serve our spiritual needs, help mitigate poverty, care for seniors and disabled veterans, and work to cure disease - would become part of the liberal Democrats' effort to lock-in their majorities in Congress and the Electoral College. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Will Conservatives Forget the Betrayal of the "Traitorous Three"?
CHQ News - Three Republican Senators broke rank to support Obama's "stimulus" package, and conservatives aren't happy. Now, one conservative group has said these Senators are 'on watch,' and they'll be forced to pay when it comes time for reelection.

Daily Lickskillet: Will Betsy give up her stuffed animals to fill a Senate vacancy? Read today's Lickskillet comic here to find out.

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