CHQ - Urgent Call to Action on Stimulus Bill

The "stimulus" bill contains a dire threat that you may not have heard about.

Unless we stop it, the bill could help turn nearly every charity in America into part of a Chicago-style political machine.

Our country's vast network of nonprofit organizations - groups that serve our spiritual needs, help mitigate poverty, care for seniors and disabled veterans, and work to cure disease - would become part of the liberal Democrats' effort to lock-in their majorities in Congress and the Electoral College.

But there is still time to stop President Obama and the liberal Democrats - to block those provisions of the "stimulus" bill aimed at making charities forever dependent on politicians and bureaucrats.

Click here to read the detailed report, in which we note:

  • All conservatives MUST contact their Congressmen and Senators immediately.
  • How liberals take advantage of conservatives' generous natures, and use it against us.
  • How the provision of legitimate social services is used as a cover for political organizing - and even for attempts to subvert the democratic process.
  • How legitimate charities get corrupted by government money and by relationships with politicians.
  • How taking resources from the government makes you obligated to the government. The Obama administration's rule will be: Take government money, and the government owns you.
  • How the independence of groups such as nonprofits is what separates us from totalitarian countries.
  • How America has been hurt by previous efforts to turn charities into cogs in the left-wing machine.
  • What YOU can do to stop this.
  • To stay informed on this issue, send an email to

We must make sure that every member of Congress understands: Your vote on this issue will not be forgotten. If you support this scheme, it will come back to haunt you in the years to come.

Please read our memo, and please forward this message and the accompanying memo to your fellow conservative leaders, and to members of your organizations or networks. . .and to others who need to read this message: your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and people in your civic club or religious organization.

The strength and independence of our nonprofit organizations is a big reason that our country became the greatest country in the world. Don't let Team Obama take it away!