DNC - New Website Highlights Real Stories Urging Swift Passage of Economic Recovery Plan

Washington, DC– As lawmakers in Washington debate the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee launched a new website that highlights real stories from ordinary Americans who have been affected by the economic crisis. The stories, which come in the same week the Labor Department reported that new jobless claims reached the highest level in 26 years, were gathered as part of OFA’s first national call to action in order to help put a human face on the economic crisis gripping our country.


“This week's report that more than 623,000 Americans requested first time jobless claims is a sobering reminder of the impact this economic crisis is having on America’s working families,” said Governor Tim Kaine, Chairman of the DNC. “The stories we've collected put a human face on the economic crisis and underscore the urgent need for action. These stories are the reason President Obama asked our leaders in Washington to put partisanship aside and pass an economic recovery plan that saves or creates four million jobs and invests in our economic prosperity in the long term. Congress needs to move swiftly toward final passage of the Economic Recovery Plan so the President can sign it into law and we can prevent this economic crisis from becoming a national catastrophe that costs millions more Americans their jobs, homes, and health care.”


Last week, Organizing for America asked supporters across the country to organize meetings in their communities to discuss President Obama’s economic recovery plan. OFA asked people to submit their stories about how the economic crisis is affecting them and their communities. After more than 3,600 meetings in all 50 states, Americans submitted more than 31,030 stories. Today, OFA posted a sampling of those stories on its website to emphasize the impact this economic crisis is having on families and communities across the country.


To see real stories from families across the country, click here: http://my.barackobama.com/yourstories.