NH Progressives to Sen. Gregg: Welcome Back, Vote Yes

News of Gregg’s Return to the U.S. Senate Launches Citizen Advocacy Groups into Full Swing to Pressure Sen. Gregg to Support the Economic Recovery Plan and Put New Hampshire Back to Work

Concord – Clean Water Action, NH Citizens Alliance, Granite State Progress and other citizen advocacy groups are swinging into action after learning that Sen. Judd Gregg is stepping down from the Commerce nomination and returning to the U.S. Senate.


“Even though Judd Gregg made the poor decision to recuse himself from voting on the economic recovery plan in the Senate, our organizations have never stopped contacting his office to encourage him to do the right thing and stand up for New Hampshire’s workers,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “We are now on a full-court press to pressure him to support economic recovery going forward.”


Members of Granite State Progress generated phone calls into Gregg’s office overnight and in the morning hours before the U.S. Senate vote this week in a last effort to encourage the Senator to fulfill his duty to represent New Hampshire voters.


Clean Water Action ran a similar campaign, generating over 100 member calls and letters to the NH delegation over the last two weeks. Clean Water Action continued to include Senator Gregg on their campaign for passage of the bill.


“This is an opportunity to make real progress toward a cleaner New Hampshire while at the same time creating new jobs for all,” said Elise Annunziata, Clean Water Action’s National Deputy Political Director, based in Manchester. “The provisions in this legislation would go a long way toward protecting our waterways, investing in cleaner transportation initiatives- such as rail transit, and promoting new energy solutions that address global warming and create jobs.”


NH Citizen’s Alliance issued a statement about Gregg’s decision, taking him to task for skipping the initial vote on the economic recovery plan.


“NHCA has had an open alert to over 8,000 of our members calling for Senator Gregg to vote ‘Yes’ on the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” said Sabrina Johnson, Lead Organizer, NH Citizens Alliance. “Senator Gregg shirked his responsibilities as a Senator by opting not to vote on the recovery package when it was in the Senate. New Hampshire residents have been calling his office and sending letters for weeks imploring Gregg to take responsibility and speak on behalf of the people of New Hampshire. It is important for Senator Gregg to do his job now and vote YES for the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”


Clean Water Action, NH Citizens Alliance, Granite State Progress and other citizen advocacy groups are reaching out to members who took action over the past two weeks to encourage them to contact Sen. Gregg’s office again and call on him to support President Obama’s economic recovery plan.