NetRight Daily: Obama is the "Catastrophe"

Obama's Rhetoris is the Real "Catastrophe": From the WSJ: President Barack Obama has turned fearmongering into an art form. He has repeatedly raised the specter of another Great Depression. First, he did so to win votes in the November election. He has done so again recently to sway congressional votes for his stimulus package.

The Battle of the Bailout: The Battle of the “Stimulus” Boondoggle is over. The Battle of the Banking Bailout is about to begin.

Not one House Member Read the Stimulus: I know that many of you have probably seen this video several times already, but Rep. John Boehner showed good leadership against the "Stimulus" last Friday and I think it is important to remember how little our congress cared to read what they were doing as they were legislating the death of America.

The Big Labor Payoff Continues: On February 12th, reported the Obama administration was delaying by 60 days the implementation a rule that increased disclosure requirements of unions: “The Dept. of Labor recently updated the annual disclosure form that most large unions are required to file. One revision required unions to report the value of benefits paid to officers and employees in order to provide an accurate picture of compensation received by union employees.”

Libertarianism in an Age of Economic Crisis: From Reason: Many aspects of America’s future are at risk as politicians and public intellectuals respond to the current economic crisis. The politicians are shaping how (far too much of) Americans’ money, resources, and precious bodily fluids will be expended, both now and in the very far future.

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