Poetry Society of NH - The Kalevala – From Myth to Marimekko©

Due to the success of last year's Celebration of the Kalevala, the Poetry Society of New Hampshire will host a one day conference to mark the 160th anniversary of the Kalevala, titled The Kalevala, from Myth to Marimekko©, on Saturday April 4th, 2009 from 9AM to 6PM at the Rollins Estate of the Governor's Inn, 76 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH. Each of the presenters for the conference will explore aspects of the mythos of the Kalevala, its language, its reception and reinterpretation, the concept of shamanism, and its music.


The speakers are Dr. Börje Vähämäki, Professor of Finnish Studies at the University of Toronto, on "Language and Meaning in the Kalevala;" Diana Durham, poet and author, on "The Poet as Shaman;" and Dr. Clia Goodwin, comparatist in Medieval Literature, on "J. R. R. Tolkien and the Uses of Fantasy." (The latter two presentations are from the Humanities to Go catalog.) Sarah Cummings Ridge will present a lecture-performance of songs of the Kalevala with her group, the Maine Kanteles. They accompany their songs with the kantele, a Finnish lap harp or zither, which has its mythic origin in the Kalevala. They will also be offering a hands-on workshop with the kantele. Members of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire will provide short readings from Hiawatha and the Tolkien trilogy, to demonstrate the relationship in sound and theme to the Finnish epic.


This program is made possible by funding from the New Hampshire Humanities Council and our many partners: the Krasner Law Office; Holy Rosary Credit Union; Artstream Gallery; The Governor's Inn; the Rochester Opera House; Neil English, Joiner; and Marimekko North America, LLC. The program is free and open to the public. For more information contact poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com or write to the PSNH at 31 Reservoir Road, Farmington, NH 03835.